In Under the Shade, we value family and we value community. We believe that a big part of achieving health and vitality in life is the quality and depth of relationships and sharing that we participate in. We want to be journeying together towards vibrant health. This includes sharing knowledge and experiences with both Indigenous and non- Indigenous people about nutrition and facilitating opportunities for connection and cross cultural exchange.

Journey with us through volunteering your skills! Become part of the Under the Shade community and increase our impact and reach in this vital work.

We utilize volunteers behind the scenes in a whole range of pursuits, including: IT, website development, social media and administration. Volunteer health practitioners and people with practical skills have huge contributions to make in the delivery of our health retreats.

We can’t do this on our own and we don’t want to be doing it on our own!
Does any of this resonate with your passion? Be in touch with us if you have time and skills that you want to contribute to a game changing cause.