Online Learning

Dive into a deep exploration of the three Under the Shade Pillars of Health, Culture and Spirit.


Your subscription raises funds for UTS to continue to engage in this vital work in remote Indigenous communities.

The Course

This online course is designed to give participants an introduction to the core pillars of Under the Shade – Health, Culture and Spirit. We believe these pillars provide a framework for understanding how to achieve vibrant health.

The course is designed to give a strong foundation of principles that can be applied in any context – principles about the human body and nutrition and a decision making model that enable us to make wise choices.

The course upholds Indigenous cultures as sources of wisdom and opportunity for deep insight, as well as providing an opportunity for course subscribers to support health and nutrition work in remote Indigenous communities.

The course is packaged in a modular format. Participants can make their way through modules at their own pace.

  • The learner should come away with:
  • a firm understanding of the Under the Shade principles and how to apply them in the area of food.
  • appreciation for the value of Indigenous knowledge and its relevance today
  • appreciation for the value of cross-cultural interaction and cultural diversity
  • an understanding of the situation today in remote Indigenous communities.

Still under construction and coming soon!