How We Can Support You

At Under The Shade we are passionate about bringing people together to journey towards vibrant health. Health cannot be built in isolation, and we want to be part of supporting you and your community to grow and thrive.

We want to help build capacity by sharing information, facilitating experiences and building connections. At the heart of our model is the wisdom of Indigenous Cultural frameworks, and the value of cross-cultural exchange.

We would love to share our training with your church, workplace or community group. As well as our online program, we deliver face to face workshops in each of the areas of our foundation pillars- Health, Culture and Spirit. We would love to come and share our training with you in the areas of: Nutrition, Cross Cultural Engagement, or hands-on Christian ministry training.

Participating in a UTS Retreat is another way to dive deeper into this journey, being immersed and supported in our model, addressing your own health concerns and building genuine cross-cultural relationships.

Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.