Our work is focused on providing transformational educational opportunities for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, drawing on knowledge and expertise from both cultural worlds.

Our philosophy of operation is grounded in the wisdom inherent in traditional Indigenous cultures. Authentic wholistic health becomes possible when we draw upon this knowledge and live according to the way our bodies are designed to function in relationship with our environment.

We are passionate about health, culture and spirit, and where these things intersect in everyday life.

The three foundational pillars of Under the Shade are:

Health, Culture and Spirit


We believe that good health is the foundation that gives us the vitality and clarity to engage in life with meaning and purpose. We believe that our health is dependent upon eating, moving and living in ways that are consistent and complementary to our design. Within that design is phenomenal ability to heal and restore balance. Read more . . .


We believe in the incredible richness of journeying together cross culturally. We have been particularly blessed to journey with Indigenous Australians – in work, in friendship, and as adopted family. Read more  . . .


Our spirit, body and soul (emotions, feelings) are all interconnected. Authentic health is wholistic – where all of our parts are aligned and healthy and vibrant and relating to each other as they were designed to do, by the Great Creator Spirit. Read more . . .